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Online Shopping: A Boon For Shoppers, A Burden for Community Associations?

A recent article in the Washington Post discusses how many online shoppers are shipping to their work addresses as a result of rampant doorstep package theft.  How is your association handling the influx of brown paper packages?  If you are a condominium built prior to 2000, chances are your front lobby area was not built with […]

Maximizing Your Corporate Philanthropy, Nov. 2

Register for Breakfast with an Expert, Nov. 2 Featuring Jason Hickman, Compton & Duling Managing Member A well-planned Corporate Philanthropy Program is the giving that gives back. In addition to the satisfaction that comes from lifting up those around you and simply doing the right thing, there are bottom line benefits as well. When managed […]


Steele & Lucian to Present at HOA and COA Leadership Seminar, Oct. 20

The Prince William County Neighborhood Services Division has invited Heather R. Steele, Esq. and Lauren E. Lucian, Esq. of Compton & Duling to present at its 2017 HOA and COA Leadership Seminar. The event is designed to prepare board members and owners to meet the challenges of community management. Heather R. Steele and Lauren E. Lucian will […]


Wills for Veterans CLE

Compton &  Duling’s Tim Aiken will be teaching a continuing legal education (CLE) seminar on September 21, 2017 for the Prince William County Bar Association called Wills for Veterans.  The Wills for Veterans Program is organized by the Pro Bono Committee of the Prince William County Bar Association to provide free Wills, Advance Medical Directives and […]

Whiteboard Wednesday – What is Legal Custody vs. Physical Custody?

Today on Whiteboard Wednesday, Krista Yancey and Heather Steele discuss the differences between legal custody and physical custody.  Below is the transcript, and scroll down to see a close up shot of the whiteboard. TRANSCRIPT: Heather: Hi everyone! It’s Heather Steele here with Whiteboard Wednesday from Compton & Duling.  I’m here today with Krista Yancey […]


Free Virginia Guide For Military and Veterans

The Virginia Office of the Attorney General has published a Military and Veterans Legal Resource Guide this summer available at which is full of helpful information on laws impacting military members and their families. It covers a range of topics from employment, education, consumer and financial issues to voting, custody when deployed, divorce and […]

Wife Doesn’t Have To Draw Down Investments For Support

The Virginia Court of Appeals has recently opined in a multi-million dollar equitable distribution case that it would be unfair to require a wife to draw down on her share of marital investments while the husband’s investment accounts could continue to grow. The court in Gordon v. Gordon affirmed the lower court’s ruling in favor of the […]


It’s Complicated: The Effect of Virginia Intestacy Statutes When There are Children from a Prior Marriage

By Thomas D. Duling Have you ever wondered what will happen to your property after your death? This property, which is generally known as your estate, is distributed pursuant to certain statutes that have been enacted by our legislature. A common myth is that your estate that is not disposed of by a Will is […]

Heather Steele to Discuss Business Disaster Planning

As the featured speaker at Women’s Wedding Network on March 8, Heather Steele will talk about disaster planning, helping businesses to better prepare to weather inevitable storms.  Tickets are available for the luncheon and presentation, which will be from 11:30 am to 1 pm at Stonewall Golf Club in Gainesville, Virginia. From the death of […]


Should Your Church Incorporate?

By: Kathy Waters, Esq. Is your church or synagogue a corporation? You may not have given it much thought, perhaps because for more than 200 years, and until relatively recently, a clause in the Constitution of Virginia prohibited any religious institution from incorporating. The prohibition was struck down in 2002 in the seminal case of […]